The Criminology Society's publications team is a group of hardworking students behind our awesome digital newsletter. Our interactive digital newsletter consists of various sections that best suits the needs of our fellow York U students. For instance, our newsletter will be the number one spot where you can keep up to date with our up coming CSY events. Are you looking for great ways to become involved within LAPS? Our newsletter provides a great article submission component where students get a chance to display their own written work across LAPS. Stuck looking for volunteer or work opportunities? We've got tons of recommendations involving great volunteering, internship and career pathways! There is even a great LSAT prep game and logical questionnaire section from previous tests, to give students a taste of the LSAT. Furthermore, our digital newsletter will be launching our newly added anonymous question and advice column, where students are able to interact directly with us when they are in need for advice! Our members can find all of these great sections and many more in our monthly digital newsletter!

Team members names: Needa, Gloria, Tooba and Ashana