TANIKA - President

Hi everyone, my name is Tanika McLeod. I am in my fourth year completing a major in Criminology, a minor in Political Science and a professional certificate in Public Administration & Law. As President of the CSY, an important goal of mine is to further cultivate the ever-growing academic culture and inclusive environment that has been established in the CSY and Criminology Program. In doing so, I hope to get to know you all in the coming year. So if you see me around campus, stop and say hi!

SHAYYAN - VP Internal

Hi, my name is Shayyan Malik and I am a 4th year Criminology major. I joined the CSY with the intentions of being a part of their peer mentoring initiative. But I learned that the CSY had so much more to offer as well. It is not simply a Criminology club but a community that is committed to enhancing student engagement and improving the academic, professional, and personal lives of its members. I can proudly say that this is a student organization that strives to do bigger and better each year!


JANICE - VP Finance

Hello everyone! My name is Janice Philteos, and I’m currently in my 4th year of completing a Criminology major and Psychology minor. In my first year I joined the CSY, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I will be your Vice President of Finance this year, and will ensure all financial resources presented to this club are dedicated towards enhancing the undergraduate experiences of as many students as we can reach out to! I look forward to seeing you all around campus!


NAVJOT - VP Academics

Hello everyone, my name is Navjot Kaur and I am a third year criminology student as well as the Criminology Society’s Vice President of Academic Affairs.   As VP of Academic Affairs, my job is to work with all of the CSY academic directors to provide students with the resources they need to succeed academically within the criminology program. I look forward to seeing new students getting involved with CSY and enriching their university experience.


KEVIN - Executive Director

Hi colleagues, my name is Kevin Hibbert and I am a 3rd year student majoring in Criminology and Political Science. My responsibilities are to pursue connections with other organizations and institutions within the York community, coordinate outreach initiatives, and to provide support and guidance to the CSY team for long term sustainability. I will also provide resources for students alongside the academic team. I look forward to an amazing year with all of you!


TAIWO - VP Promotions

Hi, my name is Taiwo Onabolu, and I am a fourth year Law and Society major with a minor in French Studies. My position entails leading and executing all promotional materials for our various events while ensuring the Outreach team is well prepared for class room announcements regarding certain events. Although I am not a Criminology major, this has not deterred me from joining the club, as the time I've spent in this club inspired me to continue helping out the community at York.



Hey there! My name is Kristina McCutcheon; I am in my 2nd year of criminology, and am the Vice President of Communications. The CSY puts together incredible events, study groups, and workshops so my job entails you all are kept informed. I administer/update our email account, facebook page, and our newly created instagram, so if you have any questions about what we are up to, ill be prompt at responding. Looking forward to the best year yet! 


SHAWAYNE - VP Digital Media

Hey, my name is Shawayne Williams, I'm a third year Criminology major with a second major in Information Technology. In the Criminology Society, my position as VP of Digital media has me creating digital materials like our posters, other promotional materials, and the website you're reading right now! This is my second year working with the club, but my third year being a part of it. I hope to help grow the club through the creation of digital media and expanding our online presence.