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The Criminology Society at York University is an undergraduate, student-run organization that functions as a liaison between students and faculty at York. Although the CSY is a program-specific organization, our events and assistance are available to students of any discipline. We aim to encourage and enable students to achieve their personal, professional and academic goals while also connecting them to their professors, professionals in the field, volunteer opportunities as well as to other students and student organizations at York. We strive to enhance student engagement and identification with the academic community by seeking out educational opportunities beyond the classroom, with hopes that this will cultivate a foundation of critical skills and knowledge for our fellow colleagues. Additionally, we work with the Criminology Program, as well as external organizations, to provide students with a network of professional relationships that would continue to support them long after graduation. It is our very mandate to enhance the undergraduate experience of our constituents, and to equip them for life after graduation.


Joshua Yasay Scholarship

One of our most important initiatives is fundraising for the Joshua Yasay Award for Excellence in Criminology and Community Service. Joshua Yasay, a former York University alumnus, was an ambitious, hardworking and inspiring young man. By the age of 23, he had not only succeeded in obtaining an Honours BA in Criminology, but he also owned his own barber shop, coached a basketball team aimed at helping at-risk youth, and had plans to pursue a career in policing. Sadly, in July 2012, Joshua became an innocent victim of a gang-related shooting in Scarborough. The CSY, as well as other departments at York, created a scholarship in Joshua’s name to honor his life and remember his dedication to improving Toronto’s neighborhoods. This scholarship is awarded every year to an exceptional fourth-year Criminology student who has made a positive impact on his or her community. Contributions can be made through direct donations to members of the CSY either in person or online at the York U website, through the purchase of T-shirts from the CSY, or by purchasing a ticket to the charity basketball event held every year on campus. All contributions are greatly appreciated.